Simple wavy pigtails edit

A simple edit of a head from Graal. 😀

Normal ears:


Elf ears: (the last one has green eyes, rest are blue eyes)

Original skin tone:


Pale skin tone:


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New scratch wip – Kurumi set from Date-a-Live (anime)

Hi! I’m working on two Kurumi sets from the anime Date-a-Live (head and body, two versions: spirit form and normal form). Usually, I don’t like making bodies but I think this will be fun!

The body will have hair extensions, and I plan on making the head gif (like a change to some of her facial expressions maybe).


Here is the head so far. I’ll make the shading better and fix the top of the pigtails, but it is 100% from scratch 😀 I did use a colour palette from DeviantArt though (click here).


Normal form:


Spirit Form:


Also, if you have any requests, REQUESTS ARE OPEN FOR NOW (comment on this post)! Please note however that this doesn’t mean I’ll do your request for sure.


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Stealer/iFiler: yuigfxtea

**edit** Her name is now Doll from (teapot).

Yui from (Raion) is a repeated offender for stealing graphics. Her body hair extensions are iFiled from teacupdolly’s personals. Her head is ifiled from mithos (totorogfx). She blames others for iFiling it for her and uploading it for her (which makes no logical sense, she can decline or even sell them). Clearly, her status is hypocritical.

It’s funny because she always complains about iFilers, but she is one of the, if not the most problematic iFilers on Graal.

Her profile is below:

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 3.26.34 PM

This is made by teacupdolly: (for comparison)

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 3.27.16 PM


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Here are two recolours/edits of the previous head I posted: Colours, face + eyes cred to elgfx and lovegaloregfx! Enjoy. (Sorry no gif).

Once exams are over, I think I might try and revive this site! We’ll see… 🙂


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Old head

This is a head I used to wear (with purple eyes, I edited this for a friend and later got ifiled). Enjoy 🙂

Long time ago, so I don’t remember the website I edited it off of, although I believe it was kelsiscarletfilla, or kayleytrulyinspired.



WIP of Megumi (Food wars/Shokugeki no Souma)


Edited from totorogfx/Mithos + charmheartgfx/Latte.


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New Head (& a Little More)

okay guys, here’s a female head i found in my files hahah. i edited it like a long time ago so dont judge ok gracias. btw the head i edited was from this site (Liz). i just used a lot of fading and made the eyes lighter to contrast the dark hair.



anyways, id be really grateful if some of you pmed me on graal  (im the leader of (Yours)) and requested some stuff bc i literally never have any ideas. feel free to do that whenever or just to be friends with me in general or even if you wanna talk about whatever. ill be posting way more (maybe) and i hope you guys enjoyyyyyyyy

xx Alan


Hi guys –

I’ve quit graal for quite some time now.

So I won’t be posting probably.

Thanks everyone for the great times 🙂


-Yui/Elizabeth ❤